Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica

How to vote

Persons must be physically present at the polling station to vote – there are no absentee votes.

Electors who are blind or otherwise physically incapacitated are entitled to vote with the assistance of the Presiding Officer or another person qualified to assist.

Each Elector may vote at one polling station and for only one candidate.

Procedure for voting

  • The Elector enters the Polling Station and declares his/her name name, address and occupation.
  • The Poll Clerk then checks the Official Elector’s List to ascertain the Elector’s name appears thereon.
  • When it is determined that the Elector is qualified to vote at that Polling Station, the Poll Clerk enters the Elector’s name etc. in the Poll Book.
  • The Presiding Officer inspects the appropriate digit of the Elector; where there appears to be the presence of indelible “ink”, the Presiding Officer will question that Elector, and if the Elector fails to answer, he/she will not be given a ballot paper.
  • On receiving a ballot, the Elector will be instructed on how to mark the ballot paper, then asked to dip the appropriate digit in indelible ink.
  • The Elector goes into the Polling Booth/Room and uses the black lead pencil provided and places a cross (X) within the space containing the name of the candidate for whom he votes.
  • The Elector folds the ballot paper so that the initials of the presiding officer and the number of the counterfoil can be seen and the counterfoil detached without opening the ballot paper.
  • The Elector returns the ballot paper so folded to the presiding officer who shall in full view of those present, including the elector, remove the counterfoil and place the ballot paper in a ballot box.
  • The Elector will then forthwith quit the polling station.
  • If an Elector inadvertently spoils a ballot paper he may return it to the presiding officer who on being satisfied of the fact will give him another.
  • If an Elector votes for more than one candidate or places any mark on the ballot paper by which he can afterwards be identified, his vote will be void and will not be counted.