Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica

2014 Coulibistrie / Morne Rachette Council Election Results

The general public, particularly the residents of Coulibistrie and Morne Rachette are informed that on Monday, December 8, 2014, the under-mentioned candidates were elected to the Coulibistrie/Morne Rachette Village Council:

Leomie Laudat 196 votes
Nymbaly Toulon 192 votes
Lizette Nadine Laville 191 votes
Jerry Adrien 181 votes
Ericson Robinson 173 votes

The other candidates received votes as follows:

Godwin Clement St. Rose 161 votes
Joal Foye 142 votes
Joan Whyte Laudat 113 votes
Llamar Phillip 96 votes
Roseline Elie Degallerie 90 votes
Nathaniel Lovell 79 votes

384 or 45.55% of the electorate voted.

190 or 49.48% were male.

194 or 50.52% were female.

Chief Election Officer