Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica

Carib Council Candidates Nominated


Residents of the Carib Reserve are informed that the undermentioned eighteen (18) candidates were on Tuesday, July 15, 2014 nominated to contest the Carib Council General Election scheduled for Monday, July 28, 2014.


        Name                                            Address


1.     Reny Auguiste                                Crayfish River


2.     Isiah(Amos) Bruney                        Crayfish River


3.     Sharon J. Dupigny                          Bataca


4.     Jumadine Frederick                         Mahaut River


5.     Lindo Frederick                               Salybia

6.     Mas Clem Frederick                         Salybia


7.     Louis Patrick Hill                             Crayfish River


8.     Ernest John                                   Crayfish River


9.     Ralph John                                    St. Cyr


 10.   Gerard Langlais                             Bataca


 11.   Eustace Prevost                             Sineku


 12.   Gabriel Thomas                             Crayfish River


 13.   Teddy Thomas                              Sineku


 14.   Matthew Valmond                          Sineku


 15.   Meranda Valmond                          Sineku


 16.   Thomas Valmond                           Gaulette River


 17.   Theadore William                           Crayfish River


 18.   Margaret Williams                          Crayfish River




Chief Elections Officer