Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica

Notice of Grant of Poll Roseau North Constituency









The ROSEAU NORTH Constituency.


NOTICE is hereby given to the electors of the constituency aforesaid that a poll has been granted for the election now pending for the said constituency and that such poll will be opened on the 6th day of December, 2022 at the hour of seven in the forenoon and kept open till the hour of five in the afternoon in the following polling stations established in the various polling districts comprised in the said constituency:

Polling Station No.  Voters Surname Location of Polling Station
N01 - 1  A- C  Goodwill Parish Hall
N01 - 2  D - I Goodwill Parish Hall
N01 - 3 J - M Goodwill Parish Hall
N01 - 4 N - Z Goodwill Parish Hall
N02 - 5  A - D  Alpha Center
N02 - 6  E- J  Alpha Center
N02 – 7 K – P  Genesis Christian Union Pre School
N02 – 8  Q -Z  Genesis Christian Union Pre School
N03 – 9  A –F  St. Alphonsus Pre-School
N03 – 10  G- M  St. Alphonsus Pre-School
N03 – 11   N- Z St. Alphonsus Pre-School
N04 – 12  A – C  Red Cross Headquarters
N04 – 13  D- I  Red Cross Headquarters
N04 – 14  J – P  Christian Union Primary School
N04 - 15  Q- Z  Christian Union Primary School
N05 – 16  A-C  Goodwill Primary School
N05 – 17  D – G  Goodwill Primary School
N05 – 18  H- L  Goodwill Primary School
N05 – 19 M- R Goodwill Primary School
N05 – 20  S- Z Goodwill Primary School
N06 – 21  A-Z  House of Natasha Winston, Morne Daniel
N06 – 22 A-E  Fond Cole Community Centre
N06 - 23  F-L  Fond Cole Community Centre
N06 - 24  M-Z  Fond Cole Community Centre
N07 – 25  A-E  Dominica State College
N07 – 26 F-L Dominica State College
N07 – 27  M-Z Dominica State College







And that the candidates in the above constituency are as follows:



Blanchard Miriam Alethea
Boston Sherman Hartford
Nicholas Tyrone Fred




and that the number of votes given to the several candidates will be counted at the

Alpha Centre commencing at 9 o’clock on the 7th day of December, 2022 of which

all persons are hereby required to take notice and govern themselves accordingly.


Given under my hand at Goodwill this 18th day of November, 2022.