Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica

Press Release (endorsed by the Electoral Commission)

Online Electoral Reform Survey:
Commonwealth of Dominica


7th May, 2021


Further to my Press Releases [video and print] of 22nd April, 2021, I wish to inform all nationals of the Commonwealth of Dominica that  the survey has commenced.


I am once again, appealing to everyone to participate. The survey is brief, and it is 100% anonymous. I encourage the individuals who have access to technology, especially the younger generation to assist older persons to promote greater participation. Please be reminded that your feedback is important, as it will pave the way in addressing issues which relate to the electoral process, systems and legislation. This will be to the benefit of all. We have begun to receive submissions, and I wish to thank the people who have participated thus far.


Please note that the deadline for submission is Friday, 14th May, 2021. The survey can be accessed online via the Electoral Office’s website at


I wish to assure the public that this survey is not the only form of public consultation that will be conducted.


Thank you for your time and feedback!