Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica

Returning Offices for the House of Assembly General Elections



The general public is informed that the undermentioned persons are appointed Returning Offices for the House of Assembly General Elections, in accordance with Section 6 (1) of the House of Assembly (Elections) Act, Chapter 2:01 of the Revised Laws of Dominica, 1990, Election.



1. Cleve Edwards Castle Bruce
2. Rosette Bertrand  Colihaut
3. Osborne Wallace Cottage
4. John Roach  Grand Bay
5. Bertha Warrington      La Plaine
6. Stephen Joseph        Mahaut
7. Lois Bristol      Marigot
8. Sherline Prescott Morne Jaune/Riviere Cyrique
9. Nardine Paul  Paix Bouche
10. Timothy Moses  Petite Savanne
11. Anita Rodney  Portsmouth
12. Josephine Lewis  Roseau Central
13. Genevieve Guye  Roseau North
14. Anna Warner        Roseau South
15. Merrill Matthew Roseau Valley
16. Glenroy Toussaint  Salisbury
17. Kathleen Auguiste Jno. Lewis  Salybia
18. Anthony Joseph  St. Joseph
19. Clare Seraphine  Soufriere
20. Theresa Royer  Vieille Case
21. Diane Telemacque-Williams  Wesley

Nomination day is 19th November 2019 between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.


Prospective candidates must deliver, or cause to be delivered to the Returning Officer of the Constituency for which he/she seeks to be elected, a Statutory Declaration of his/her qualification, and his/her consent in writing to the Nomination, together with a deposit of five hundred dollars ($500.00) in cash, at the place fixed for nomination.




The nomination centres are as follows:


1. Castle Bruce          Castle Bruce Village Council Office 
2. Colihaut  Colihaut Village Council Office
3. Cottage  Cottage Community Centre
4. Grand Bay  Grand Bay Village Council Office
5. La Plaine  La Plaine Police Station
6. Mahaut Mahaut Village Council Office         
7. Marigot  Marigot Police Station
8. Morne Jaune/Riviere Cyrique  Grand Fond Village Council Office
9. Paix Bouche  Paix Bouche Village Council Office
10. Petite Savanne      Bellevue Chopin Housing Scheme Mall
11. Portsmouth  Adult Education Centre
12. Roseau Central  Electoral Office
13. Roseau North  Alpha Centre, Goodwil
14. Roseau South  Electoral Office
15. Roseau Valley  House of Colbert Pinard, Copthall
16. Salisbury  Salisbury Police Station
17. Salybia  Kalinago Council’s Office
18 . St. Joseph  St. Joseph Community Centre
19 . Soufriere  Soufriere Police Station
20. Vieille Case  Vieille Case Credit Union
21. Wesley  Wesley Police Station

The attention of the public, Candidates in particular, are asked to take note of these requirements:


  1. Every Candidate for Election:


            (a) must be nominated in writing by not less than six Registered Electors of the Constituency for which he/she seeks to be elected.


            (b) must consent in writing to such nomination in Form 12.


  1. (a) must at the time of his/her nomination  deliver, or cause to be delivered to the Returning Officer, a Statutory Declaration in Form 13, made and subscribed by the Candidate or, if the Candidate is absent from the State on Nomination Day, by his duly authorized Agent, in Form 14.


            (b) must ensure that the Statutory Declaration  is attested to by a Registrar, Magistrate,  Justice of Peace or Notary Public.


            (c ) must ensure that the Statutory Declaration is signed in the Presence of the Registrar,  Magistrate, Justice of Peace as the case may be.


            (d) must affix five dollars ( $ 5.00) stamp to the Declaration.


            (e) If  the Statutory Declaration is not delivered as stipulated, the nomination of the Candidate shall be deemed to be void.


  1. The Returning Officers shall be at the aforementioned places and at the time specified receive the Nomination Papers as they are tendered to him.