Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica

Chairman's DAIC Speech

Please allow me to begin by thanking the Dominica Association of Industry and Commerce for the opportunity to meet with you this morning.

The Electoral Commission has long held the view that civil society groups and organisations are important stakeholders in the electoral process and every opportunity must be taken to ensure that they are participants in the dialogue.

In that regard, the Chief Elections Officer and I, have in recent months, accepted the invitation of and held discussions with, the Dominica Christian Council (separately) and the leaders of a grouping of organisations including the said Christian Council; the Dominica Business Forum; the Waterfront & Allied Workers Union; the Dominica Bar Association; the Dominica Association of Evangelical Churches and the Dominica Public Service Union.

This morning presents the opportunity to meet with an even broader audience, as rather than communication through the leaders, you have provided the opportunity to meet directly with your organisation's constituents.

So enormous is the task that you have set before me however, I have requested and your Executive Director has kindly consented to my calling on reinforcements in the persons of Mr. Ian Michael Anthony, the Chief Elections Officer and Mr Elias Dupuis, the Commission's Press & Public Education Officer. It is somewhat of a tag team effort that we therefore propose to present to you this morning.

Read the entire Chairman's DAIC Speech (PDF, 604 KB).

Posted: 03/04/2019