Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica

Systems and Procedures

The Electoral System

The existing system for electing the members of the House of Assembly is first past the post with the candidate receiving the most votes being declared the representative in the Parliament. National elections are constitutionally due every five (5) years with local elections held every three (3) years.

The Electoral Registration System

There is a system of continuous registration of all individuals under the Registration of Electors Act with the Electors List being updated to reflect the inclusion of the names of individuals who are qualified to be electors and the deletion of names of individuals who are disqualified due to death, objections, absent from the state for a period exceeding five (5) years and any other written law imposing disqualification.

Qualification for Registration

In accordance with Section 5 of the Registration of Electors Act (PDF, 1.69 MB), a person is qualified to be registered as an elector for a polling district if he:

  • Is a citizen of the Commonwealth of Dominica; or
  • Is a Commonwealth citizen who has resided in Dominica for a period of twelve months immediately before the qualifying date; and
  • Is eighteen years of age or over; and
  • Has resided in that polling district for a continuous period of at least three months immediately preceding the date of registration; but in the case of a person who has attained the age of eighteen years within the period of three months immediately preceding the date of his registration, no such residence qualification shall be required.

Publication of List of Electors

The Registration of Electors Act, Chapter 2:03 (PDF, 1.69 MB) stipulate the publishing of Supplementary Lists on a quarterly basis with the quarters commencing on December1st, March 1st, June 1st and September 1st in every year. Additionally, a Preliminary List should published by September 30th in each year and a Annual List published by November 30th in each year. This Annual List can be used at any election together with and Supplementary List published after the compilation of the Annual List.