Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica

Rights and Responsibilities

  • The Constitution of the Commonwealth of Dominica (section 32(2)) grants qualified citizens the right to be registered as a voter and the right to vote. Voting is a major vehicle by which citizens participate in, and have influence over governmental decisions which affect their daily lives. You can only participate as an elector, therefore ensure that you register and exercise your right to vote.
  • Electors are only entitled to vote in the polling district in which their name appears on the official list of electors for that district.
  • Electors can only vote for one candidate.
  • Every employer must allow each employee who is registered to vote to be absent from work on polling day for two hours, in addition to the normal mid-day lunch hour.
  • Electors cannot be compelled to reveal for whom they voted at any legal proceeding to question the election results.
  • A person who is registered remains registered unless his name is deleted from the register because:
    1. he has died;
    2. an objection to his registration has been allowed;
    3. he has been absent from Dominica for a period exceeding five years; or
    4. he has become disqualified for registration as an elector.