Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica

Guidelines for Polling Day

During the hours when the poll is open:

  • Every employee is entitled to two hours for voting, in addition to the mid-day lunch hour, without deduction in pay or other penalty.
  • Do not sell, offer to sell or give away intoxicating liquor at any premises licensed to sell liquor.
  • Do not congregate within 100 yards of the polling station (unless you are waiting to vote or can lawfully be at the station).
  • Do not try to influence any elector to vote for any candidate or determine for which candidate any elector intends to vote or has voted for on any public road or in any public place within 100 yards of the polling station.
  • There should be absolutely no political paraphernalia (flags, posters, etc.) / party symbols indicating how to mark the Ballot.
  • Do not use or wear, or give to any person to use or wear, any flag, ribbon, label, or other favour, within any constituency as a party badge to distinguish the wearer as a supporter of any candidate. (This excludes supplying banners with only the name of a candidate or the words “Vote for” followed by the name of the Candidate, or any favour with the symbol of the candidate or using these on vehicles.)
  • Do not carry, wear or use, or give to any person to carry, wear or use, any loudspeaker, bunting, ensign, standard, or set of colours, or any other flag on motor cars, trucks or other vehicles, as political propaganda.