Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica

2014 General Elections Results

Click on a constituency to view details of the 2014 General Election held on December 8, 2014.

Cottage Vieille Case Portsmouth Colihaut Paix Bouche Wesley Salisbury St. Joseph Marigot Castle Bruce Salybia Mahaut Morne Jaune/Riviere Cyrique Roseau Valley Roseau North La Plaine Roseau Central Roseau South Petite Savanne Soufriere Grand Bay


CB = Castle Bruce
COL = Colihaut
COT = Cottage
GBY = Grand Bay
JOE = St. Joseph
LAP = La Plaine
MAH = Mahaut
MAR = Marigot
MJA = Morne Jaune
PAI = Paix Bouche
PET = Petite Savanne

POR = Portsmouth
RCL = Roseau Central
RNO = Roseau North
RSO = Roseau South
RVA = Roseau Valley
SAL = Salisbury
SFR = Soufriere
SYB = Salybia
VIE = Vieille Case
WES = Wesley

Cottage Constituency Totals

Number of Polling Stations8
Polling Stations Reporting8
Number of Electors2289
Dominica Labour Party (DLP)1029
United Workers Party (UWP)193
Jerome Peter Lavashire (IND)19
Total Ballots Counted1255
Total Rejected Ballots14
Total Spoilt Ballots4

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