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  • Notice of Grant of a Poll

    04 July 2019
    FORM 14 KALINAGO TERRITORY ACT NOTICE OF GRANT OF A POLL The Kalinago Territory NOTICE IS HEREBY given to the electors of the Kalinago Territory aforesaid that a poll has been granted for the election now pending for the Kalinago Chief and that such poll will be opened on the

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  • Penville Village Council Results

    26 June 2019
    NOTICE PENVILLE VILLAGE COUNCIL BY-ELECTION RESULTS The general public, particularly the residents of Penville are informed that on Monday, June 24, 2019 the under-mentioned candidates were elected to the Penville Village Council: 1. Darren Leblanc 67 votes The other candidates received votes as follows: - 1. Adora Jean 26 votes 2.

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  • Kalinago Council Election Notice

    20 June 2019
    Kalinago Council General Election The general public is informed that Mrs. Kathleen Augusite-Jno.Lewis is appointed Returning Officer for the Kalinago Council General Election, in accordance with Section 53 of the Carib Council Act, Chapter 25:90 of the Revised Laws of Dominica (1990) Edition. Every candidate must be named and designated

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  • Supplementary Electors List

    18 June 2019
    Supplementary Electors List The general public is informed that the Supplementary Electors Lists for the quarter ended May 31, 2019 are posted for public viewing in the under-mentioned Polling Districts. Polling District A01 - Petite Soufriere Polling District A02 - San Sauveur Polling District A03 - Good Hope Polling District A04 - Castle Bruce

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  • Kalinago Chief Election Notice

    07 June 2019
    Kalinago Chief Election Notice The general public is informed that Mrs. Kathleen Auguiste-Jno.Lewis of Salybia in the Kalinago Territory, is appointed Returning Officer for the Kalinago Chief Election, scheduled for Monday 22nd July 2019. Nomination day is Tuesday 2nd July, 2019. On that day, the Returning Officer will be at

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